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Other Stories From Ex-Kings Own Royal Border Regiment – Paul Maxwell

15 Dec


Well Alan what great memories, I enclose a few lines about my time serving in the Army
My name is Paul Maxwell and with being a Lancaster lad it was not surprising I joined the local regiment the Kings Own Royal Border Regiment. I enlisted on the 17th August 1963 on my 17th birthday and like you went to Fulwood Barracks Preston for my training.
Whilst at Fulwood I also remember the provost sergeant named Aristademo and I do agree he was probably the smartest soldier in the British Army. I am not sure how his name was spelt, but I think he was from Greece or Cyprus.

At this time the regiment had moved from Barnard Castle to Wupertal in Germany. On joining the regiment in Germany, I was posted to C Company to continue my infantry training. After completing this training I was posted to A Company.
The first man I met was CSM Driver who was the A Company Sergeant major. I am sure this is the same CSM Driver you spoke of in your memoirs. He had a nickname throughout the regiment. The name he was called behind his back of course was Bobby the Bastard and a right so and so he was! I recall doing 4-24 hour consecutive Sunday guard duties. I went to CSM Driver to complain, he replied right son you can do Saturday instead. Of course we all know Saturday is a 24 hour guard the same as Sunday, what a so and so.

Shortly after this episode I transferred over to the Corps of Drums. Having played the bugle in the church lads brigade prior to enlisting, I was soon doing duty Drummer.
It was doing these duties that brought me into close contact with RSM Garner. I agree with you, RSM Garner was gentleman of the highest order and a man who I personally had enormous respect for. I think the RSM also had a fondness for the Corps of Drums, because he got to know the duty drummers so well and we with him.
At the time there was a Corporal in the Motor Section of the regiment named Stewart, I think he was the same Stewart you referred to. He eventually became Provost Sergeant in Cyprus for a short time. I do not know what became of him, but I did hear that he had died, if this is true or not I do not know.

When I first arrived in the Drum Corps, I was only a young lad and most of the other lads were a lot older and had been to the Cameroons. Some of the names that spring to my mind are Spud Murphy, George Cain and Walter Raven they were all from Barrow, also Smudge Smith and George Garrity. There were a few more, but I am sorry I cannot remember their names.

I remained with the Corps of Drums throughout my Army career and eventually finished as the Drum Major at the Depot the Kings Division, but that is another story.

Finally I would like to take this opportunity to wish all my ex-comrades both serving and retired, best wishes and good luck for the future


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