Letters to Alan – Wacker Morris – Royal Artillery

29 Jan

Hello Alan
My name Ed wacker Morris served in the Royal Artillery as a gunner
With 20 Field Regt. 1960 training at Park Hall Camp Oswestry
When complete I was sent to Kirkee Mcmun Barracks Colchester and from there we were shipped out to Tampin in Malaya
We went out to Malaya on the Oxfordshire troopship. There were quite a few of us sea sick on the voyage and believe me that is one hell of a way to lose a few pounds in weight!
Thankfully when my service came to an end we flew back to Blighty and demob

Good luck and best wishes to everyone and keep the memories going.


One Response to “Letters to Alan – Wacker Morris – Royal Artillery”

  1. David Williams May 5, 2013 at 12:53 pm #

    Ed, I was in 20 Regt RA at both Kirkee Mcmunn Bks and St Barbara Bks Tampin at the same time as you. I was in 12 (Minden) Bty.


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