George Andrews Royal Signals 1956-65

6 May

This letter was sent to me by George Andrews a few years back and was on my old website. George certainly had to grow up very quickly
Good on you Parkie,
Just been reading through your experiences during your early life and your time in the army. It’s a jolly good read and probably typical of the story of many a young fellow of that era. I enjoyed it immensely. These social histories can vanish so quickly. Our generation is starting to get near the end of the plank. My own case was slightly different in that I was one the thousands of kids evacuated from London in 1941 and as both parents perished in the war, consequently I never went back to London
At 17 years of age I was persuaded to volunteer for the army and I signed on for 9 years in the Royal Signals. That was in 1956 and coming from a series of boys homes, Army life was a doddle. I came out in 1965 despite great attempts to make me re-enlist. I then spent the next 10 years in the Merchant Navy. For the first five years or so of service, National Service guys were everywhere they used to call us “thick regulars” and not always in jest.
There was a wonderful cross section of the British nation, every one of the national service lads moaned about having to do it. Since, I have never met one ex-national service man who told me that he regretted having done it. I’m sure there may be a few, but they are hard to find. The national servicemen were a great credit to their country and in Australia; I believe they are being recognised with a National Service medal and that is how it should be.
I’m glad you still meet up with a few of your old mates; you’ve got plenty to talk about. I personally think we would do many of our youngsters a favour, if we re-instituted a form of service for them. It doesn’t have to be military, it could be fisheries patrolling, anti- drug custom work or even work to do with global warming. Anything, that got youngsters into situations of adversity and discipline. I bet you that they would thank us for it, afterwards of course.
Good luck mate
George Andrews

One Response to “George Andrews Royal Signals 1956-65”

  1. Dennis Ainger February 16, 2017 at 6:44 pm #

    I was a national serviceman in RCoS April 1954 – April 1956 initially at 7 training regt. Catterick, 4 Training Regt. Posted to Southern Command (M) Signal Regt. 3 Squadron Sherford Camp Taunton Somerset. Best years of my young life.


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