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Tony Rogers 1st Suffolk Regt.

11 May

Tony Rogers sent this letter to me on my other site a few years ago
Hello Alan
I called up to do my National Service in January 1951, I did my basic training in Colchester and then I was posted to The 1st Suffolk Regiment who was stationed in Malaya and had been there since August 1949. The regiment had earned an excellent reputation in the three and a half years they had served in Malaya. Thinking back to those days when there was not an ounce of fat on any of us, because of carrying heavy loads in tropical humid conditions. My god! We were fit young men who thought we would live forever.
Like most men of 18 I did not wish to go into the army, but with the benefit of hindsight, It did me a power of good and I feel that I am a better person for having did my time. The one great benefit of doing National Service is the comradeship that develops between all the lads in times of adversity. So much so, that today, 55 years later we have our own local branch of The Suffolk Regiment OCA with 270 members. Believe me it is just great to spend time in their company talking over old times. Sadly we left 21 of our comrades buried in Malaya. Our duty is to remember them as they were also young healthy men with their life yet to live as we have done.
Tony Rogers

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