Les Sexton REME 1956-58

17 May

Hello my name is Les Sexton and my N/S number was 23302475. I was 21 and had just finished serving my apprenticeship as a time served electrician. When my call up papers arrived posted to basic training at Honiton with the REME.. How different life was then. I thought all the permanent staff there, had been recruited from the Wehrmacht. Treatment toward newcomers was shit. Nevertheless I had a free world trip experience with 2 years of postings ending up in Tidworth that would in modern times cost a fortune. I’ve prospered in life and put it down to a character building that the Army provided. For some reason it was assumed that if you were from wherever, you would pally up with like people of your geography. Truth was, I did not like many and it led to jankers. How many know that word or dobhy or blanket pressing or Egyptian P.T or gonking …. When you got your legs brown or heard someone bragging” I was here when the Dead Sea went sick” those words were easy, I am 77 now and can still here a laugh in the N.A.F.F.I
Les Sexton

One Response to “Les Sexton REME 1956-58”

  1. Mike Peel April 26, 2018 at 10:42 am #

    I started off at Honiton in July 1957 and did 6 weeks there before going on to Arborfield and then Bordon and finishing up for a year in Cyprus. I wouldn’t have done it from choice as I’d just finished an apprenticeship and would have been earning some decent money but as has been said before it changed you from being a boy into a man which stood me in good stead.


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