A Query From Dion Graves

21 May

I have a query from Dion Graves a serving member of the Royal Marines. Dion would like to know if any ex-comrade from the RAOC, who might have known a Danny O’Brien. Danny was a national serviceman from London who saw service in the RAOC in Egypt. His time has a serviceman in the Army was in the late fifties or thereabout. I have include Dion’s letter below
Please get in touch with me if any of our readers knew Danny O’Brien

I am emailing as I believe my grandfather was in the RAOC at around the same time as you. He did not talk too much about his Army career but did on occasions he did mention Egypt and also Paisley in Scotland. All I have to go on is a picture showing his cap badge of which |I believe to be RAOC, His name was Danny O’Brien and he was a Londoner, but lived in Bedford. I know it’s a long shot that anyone would remember him or have any information but I’m quite keen to find out more on the subject. I am a serving member of the Royal Marine Commando’s and I’m very interested on finding out about my family’s military history. Thank you

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