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Gnr Geoff Wheeler Royal Artillery

12 Jan

Hello I have been reading with interest the stories of times in Suez. I did my national service in the Royal Artillery 1948-49 and after completing my training, I was being posted to Egypt. I first travelled by the troopship to Malta, everyone hanging like bats in their hammocks on the troop decks. Eventually reaching Malta, where I awaited my posting to the 71st HAA RA Regt. I had three good weeks in Malta; before travelling on to Zavia Tripoli It was here I joined the Regt rear party, because the regiment had just left for Suez. I had 2 or three months in Zavia, and then sailed by LST, with AA Guns and Radar Port Said. We then joined a motor convoy on the very hot sweaty drive down to the camp at Fayid in Egypt
Being based in Fayid and very well remember doing Guard duties at C-in Cs residence. What a hot sweaty place Fayid was. I remember quite vividly doing my guard duty on the Suez Canal road with sweat running down my back within 10 minutes of starting my guard. Having to salute every vehicle containing an officer, how the hell you were supposed to know which vehicle to salute with the many vehicles using the road? No doubt quite a few Arabs felt chuffed from receiving a salute!
I travelled home on the troopship Westralia from Port Said to Trieste and then by train all way down to Hook of Holland and eventually Aldershot for my demob.
I would like to thank you for bringing back memories and I wish you all my ex comrades best wishes for the future.

21056640 Gunner Geoff Wheeler ex 187 Bty. 71st HAA R.A

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