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Update In History Lessons

27 Oct

I should not have to write this but, I could not believe the picture in the Mail on Sunday. It showed two British soldiers giving the Nazi salute with a Union Jack in the background. I know this is just an isolated case by a couple of idiots. Obviously they do not know the back ground or are completely ignorant to what people endured during the German Nazi era. Well let’s face it every young person who is raised in Britain, should be educated to what happened during World War Two. School history lessons must surely be updated to these modern times. What message does that photo send out to the descendants of the millions of innocent people, who were murdered by the Nazi regime? Every City, Town and Village has a memorial in memory of brave men and women who laid down their lives, fighting for freedom against the Nazi oppression. The British Forces will hopefully send the culprits packing who tarnished the British name. This will also send out a message, that this minority of idiots will not be tolerated in our British society.

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