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John Giles RASC 1947-49

4 Apr

Hi Alan

Just a short letter about my national service
My name is John Giles and I was hauled in to do my National Service at Canterbury with the RASC on the 20th February 1947.When training was complete. I was stationed at various camps in England for the first year. I must admit the time certainly seemed to drag
Then the powers to, be sent me to the Middle East Land Forces Egypt on the S.S. Franconia. As luck had it, I was sent on to Kabrit which was an intelligence Corps depot. This is the camp where the British Commandos trained many years earlier.
I was a white kneed clerk when I arrived, but due to the hot climate that was not for long and after a boring six months, I was sent on to Salonika in Greece for my last six months in the army. The Salonika detachment was a great improvement, even though we were in the middle of a fierce civil war. The unit was Salonika Interrogation Centre and we were billeted in a large private house and yes there were girls around
At one time 40,000 British troops were in Greece; too stop Greece being taken over by the communists. American President Truman poured money into Greece to help the poor financial state of the country. That was the beginning of the end for communist rule in Greece. All British servicemen who served in Salonika were on active service and indeed my last six months in the army soon passed by and I got my demob in 1949.
I would like to send all my friends who served at Kabrit and Salonika all my best wishes
Best of luck
John Giles S/19136378

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