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20 Jan

I have just returned from a most enjoyable visit to Australia. During this visit I went with my son Ian and family to the Sherwood Services Club in Corinda Queensland. I was quite taken aback with hospitality shown to our family by the reception, bar staff and members alike. The club itself had bars, a restaurant, gaming machines, various lottery games, snooker tables. Also a stage and a small dance floor for performing artists which, incidentally was every night. It was all governed by rules which had to be adhered too. One might say, what’s this to do with the blog. Well it was noticeable in the club of plaques and reminders of places and men who gave their lives during the World Wars.

 It was during the early part of World War one, the first Australian Imperial Force and the 1st New Zealand Expeditionary Force amalgamated together. They were named the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps Commonly known as the ANZAC’s. They trained in Egypt before being sent to Gallipoli. The Anzac’s fought with courage and endeavour during the fighting in Gallipoli. The Anzac’s lost many lives during the disastrous campaign in Gallipoli. During, 1915 following the allied evacuation from the Gallipoli Peninsula the Corps was disbanded. Both New Zealand and Australia formed their own divisions, but still fought alongside each other as ANZAC’s even to this present day. During the First World War 60,000 Australian Forces lost their lives and New Zealand forces lost 18,000 lives. Many thousands were casualties and maimed for life. This was a massive contribution by both countries for a war that was so far away.

During The Second World War 27,073 Australian Forces and 11,928 New Zealand Forces lost their lives and again many thousands of casualties. Since the World wars the Australian and New Zealand Forces have fought in many conflicts even to this present day with the same bravery shown by their forefathers.  April 25th is ANZAC day; it is a public holiday in Australia and New Zealand. In years to come the future generations of Australia and New Zealand are being brought up to recognize the contribution and sacrifice, paid by so many men and women.

Going back to what I wrote about the Sherwood Services Club in Corinda. The memory of the Australian forces that lost their lives in all the Wars and conflicts is certainly not forgotten. Every night come what may, at 6PM the last post is sounded and everyone respectively stands, while it is being played. Well done Sherwood Services Club.





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